April 6, 2014

Lazy Sunday afternoon

It's been a good week. I even got a few things finished (and a few more started).

This sweet quilt was sold in the shop this week. Custom versions are available as well as other Aggie baby quilts.

I started 2 new baby blankets. I can't help it. I need more projects, obviously. Both will be available on Etsy soon.

I also spent some time playing in Google Drive to create some pricing spreadsheets. I need to work on inventory sheets next.

Hope y'all had a fantastic week. Back to my lazy Sunday of crochet.
The List
  1. Aggie Love - needs binding  finished, sold, and delivered
  2. Slice of Sunshine - needs binding
  3. Noteworthy - needs binding
  4. Chevron afghan - a little more than half done
  5. Maroon knit blanket - started
  6. Jewel tone scarf - halfway
  7. Aggie stripes scarf - halfway
  8. Green stripes - needs binding
  9. Coming Home - piecing
  10. "Vinny's" quilt -pattern selected
  11. Baby quilt for Fish Fry -  pattern and fabrics selected
  12. T-shirt quilt for Fish Fry - awaiting donated t-shirts
  13. G's quilt- pattern selected, some fabrics selected
  14. Baily
  15. Kyle
  16. Heather
  17. Swoon
  18. Sprocket Pillows - 3 finished, 7 more in various states of assembly
  19. Aggie shell afghan - about half done
  20. Pink chevron afghan- started