February 10, 2013

Holy cow, football ate my fall (and part of winter)

We had an incredible football season. My son's team went 15-1 and played in the state championship. It was a lot of fun but as a booster club officer, it often felt like I had 2 full time jobs. I wouldn't trade the memories we made with those boys for anything!

Sewing and quilting suffered. I did finish most of the projects I was giving as gifts (it helped that the state championship was the weekend we were supposed to celebrate with my family and I got a couple extra weeks to finish). I'll post pics of those later this week.

I now need to reorganize and restart The List. It helped a lot last year. Whew, let's get started. First, the old list...
Big List
  1. Aprons- back to at least one a month, I got a great new book of apron patterns
  2. Bailey- done, pics later this week.
  3. Kyle- ditto
  4. Swoon nothing new, back to one a month
  5. Pillowcases nothing new
  6. Secret #1 gonna be next Christmas....
  7. Secret #2 well, this one's on hold for a little bit. I have a pattern chosen but I'm unsure on fabrics.
  8. Secret #3 Have fabrics. Design chosen. nothing else
  9. Arbor Lane Road trip coming up!
  10. Potholders for gifts
  11. Pouches Because I'm now obsessed with making cute little pouches.
  12. Socks Having some issues with the one on the loom. Leaving it alone for a bit. 
  13.  Heather didn't finish for Christmas but her anniversary is in June and birthday in Sept...

The New Big List

  1. Swoon one block per month
  2. Pillowcases one pair per month
  3. Aprons at least one per month
  4. Secret #1 fabrics and pattern chosen
  5. Secret #2 pattern chosen, will chose fabrics soon
  6. Secret #3 pattern and fabric chosen, to be done by May
  7. Arbor Lane short road trip for our anniversary next weekend, I might take this along
  8. Pouches at least one per month
  9. Socks not feeling this right now.
  10. Heather I need to look at see where I am on this one.
  11. Aggie Baby 5 of 9 blocks pieced. Needs to be done by March
  12. Challenge Blocks done, pics later
  13. Scrapboxes making several. Need to start
  14. Baby quilt- fabrics and pattern chosen, need to start soon.

And now, if you made it to the end, pics to remind me why I started all this...

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