November 8, 2012

Baby girl quilts!

Finally finished working on all 3 baby girl quilts. Each one is for the precious baby girl of friends. They were all due this football season (like life wasn't busy enough!). The twins decided to get themselves born early, nothing like the pressure of babies already being born to light a fire under a quilter. They were teeny tiny and perfect. Each is gaining weight and doing well.

I wanted to use the same materials but not make them the same quilt. I settled on Moda's Puttin on the Ritz, in pink, of course.
On to finding patterns. I couldn't find anything I was truly in love with. I finally found a pinwheel block that I wanted to modify for a different quilt. After looking at it, I realized it would be perfect for this project. I'm not a big fan of sashing and borders and quite honestly, they caused me some real problems. I finally got the kinks worked out.

Love it.

For the other, I knew I wanted to try the great granny block because I was in love as soon as I saw it. I didn't want to use a white fabric for a baby though. I chose some denim that has been hanging out in my stash for a while.

I'm seriously in love with this quilt. If I didn't adore the parents of these babies, I'd be keepin this sucker for myself.

The backs are the same.
 As is the super cute polka dot binding.
 Quilts in a tree!

The other baby girl came slightly early but was still full term. I wanted a playful, bright quilt for her. I found this hiding in my stash and knew it would be perfect. I didn't like the olive green so I pulled it out.

I saw the Four Squared pattern in the Moda bake shop and had to make it.

The weather wasn't as nice the day I finished this one.

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  1. Love these quilts, Jenn! Especially the last one - what a fun, colorful, yet still girly quilt!