September 2, 2012

Oh my stars, it's September!

August was crazy busy. I didn't post all month. Geez. I didn't get a ton of stuff done either.

August list

  1. Apron need to decide on pattern and fabrics Done and delivered. She loved it. I forgot to take pictures
  2. Swoon block I think the purple block this month Didn't happen
  3. Pillowcases Boy fabrics this month Also didn't happen, so 4 this month
  4. Kyle Baste and quilt by end of month Yeah, it's sitting on the table looking at me.
  5. Bailey Finish all blocks and begin layout I laid all the blocks on the guest bed, pics below, only like 7 to finish.
  6. Heather Finish step 1 of 3 blocks Done!
  7. Baby quilt #1 Piece top Well, I made another block anyway
  8. Baby quilt #3 choose design and fabrics So, this one just grabbed my heart and away I went. The top is pieced. Need to choose backing fabric.
  9. Secret project #2 finalize design and fabrics Didn't even think about this one.
  10. Pouch for swap Must do this week. Done. Delivered. Loved.

Of course, I did a few things not on the list!

My best friend had a birthday this month. I made her an awesome trippy apron (that I forgot to take pics of), some fuzzy socks, and a pouch. She found some cool laminated cotton in an owl print, so I made her a makeup bag.

and it's lined in the same fabric

thought of her the entire time I made this one so it had to go too.

Pouch for the AMQG swap

I forgot to take a pic of this completed, but I made this for our football booster club fundraiser silent auction

Big List
  1. Aprons
  2. Bailey Most blocks pieced. Layout started
  3. Kyle All decisions made. Top finished. Quilting this month
  4. Swoon 3 blocks made, 6 to go.
  5. Pillowcases 4 made.
  6. Secret #1 Has to be done by Christmas.
  7. Secret #2 Finalize design and fabrics this month.
  8. Secret #3 Have fabrics. Need to pick a design.
  9. Baby quilt #1 2 of 9 blocks complete
  10. Baby quilt #2 12 of 16 blocks complete.
  11. Baby quilt #3 Top complete. Searching for proper backing fabric.
  12. Arbor Lane Not sure if this is going to get worked on anytime soon.
  13. Potholders for gifts
  14. Pouches Because I'm now obsessed with making cute little pouches.
  15. Socks I made some fuzzy house socks. The other one is still on the loom. Maybe during the Olympics I can finish it.
  16. Heather Step 1 of 3 blocks complete. I need to type up a longer post about this.

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