September 16, 2012

halfway through September

And football is in full swing. My son's team is 3-0. My college team is 1-1. It's exciting and busy around here. Unfortunately, that means the sewing room gets neglected. I have managed to sneak in a couple hours here and there. The weather is rainy today so I might get something done today!

I'm not going to make a September list because there are enough August unfinished projects to keep me busy for a while. I'll just make some updates on the "big list". Also, my self-imposed fabric buying ban is almost up. Thank goodness. This has been way more difficult than I thought it would be.

Big List
  1. Aprons
  2. Bailey Most blocks pieced. Layout started
  3. Kyle All decisions made. Top finished. Quilting this month
  4. Swoon 3 blocks made, 6 to go.
  5. Pillowcases 4 made.
  6. Secret #1 Has to be done by Christmas.
  7. Secret #2 Finalize design and fabrics this month.
  8. Secret #3 Have fabrics. Need to pick a design.
  9. Baby quilt #1 2 of 9 blocks complete
  10. Baby quilt #2 All 16 blocks complete. Now to work on sashing. Having some issues with it.
  11. Baby quilt #3 Top complete. Searching for proper backing fabric.
  12. Arbor Lane Not sure if this is going to get worked on anytime soon.
  13. Potholders for gifts
  14. Pouches Because I'm now obsessed with making cute little pouches.
  15. Socks Having some issues with the one on the loom. Leaving it alone for a bit.
  16. Heather Step 1 of 3 blocks complete. I started piecing the rest as leader/ender blocks while working on the baby quilts. Working great so far.
Time to get in there and get started. Good sewing, good quilting, or whatever makes you happy!

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