July 22, 2012

Sunday list

 Oh, wow. It looks like I am actually going to complete all my projects BEFORE the end of the month. I'm pretty shocked to be honest. Let's update this at the bottom.

  1. Apron for someone else. Done and delivered.
  2. 2 Swoon blocks 1 complete, other mostly pieced, maybe I'll finish it this afternoon.
  3. 2 pillowcases Done
  4. Ironing board cover Done.
  5. Sewing machine cover Done
  6. choose pattern and fabric for Heather's quilt. Done, I even cut the fabric and started layout. Go me!
Big List
  1. Ironing board cover
  2. Sewing machine cover
  3. Aprons this month's is done
  4. Bailey Most blocks pieced. Layout started
  5. Kyle All decisions made. Top finished. Maybe quilting next month.
  6. Swoon 2 blocks complete, 7 to go.
  7. Pillowcases 4 made.
  8. Secret #1 Will be next month's big project.
  9. Secret #2 I'm back to my original idea on this.
  10. Baby quilt By November
  11. Arbor Lane Not a darn thing
  12. More baby quilts By December
  13. Socks Didn't touch
  14. Heather Lots of progress this week.
 Swoon block #2, points match up much better on this one.


 Swoon block #3, almost done.


 Pillowcases, love this brown and pink combo

Blurry sneak peek of Heather's quilt

 Until next time, good sewing, good quilting, or whatever makes you happy.

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