June 24, 2012

Sunday List

 What a lovely, relaxing week...we spent the first part in San Antonio and finished at home. I got some quality time with the still unnamed machine as well. The super secret project is nearly done. I am hoping to finish it tonight. I took the sock with me and worked on it in the car. It's coming along nicely.

Only 6 days left so I think I will be spending most evenings in the sewing room to try to finish these projects. I know I can do it. I played with and showed off a bunch of my lovely fabrics with my mom here this weekend. It helped with the OMG WHY DID I DECIDE NOT TO BUY FABRIC freakout.

I finished my apron earlier and as soon as it's trimmed up, I'll post some pictures. It's super cute but not perfect. It will help keep the threads off my clothes and that's all that matters.

The Wildflower quilt made it to my friend on her birthday. She loves it. I am happy.

To be finished in June:
  1. Wildflower quilt pics here
  2. 1 Swoon block
  3. Apron for me
  4. 1 apron for someone else
  5. sewing machine cover
  6. ironing board cover
  7. 1 pillowcase
  8. super secret project

 Master List (in order by priority)
  1. Wildflowers quilt- Needs to be quilted, bound, and mailed by mid June
  2. Sewing machine cover- Will be finished this month
  3. Ironing board cover- Will also be finished this month
  4. Apron for me - Fabric cut. I just need to sew it up.
  5. Aprons- I've gotten a few requests. I have the fabric just need to make them. Will finish one this month
  6. Bailey's Christmas quilt-2 blocks made! Lots of prep done to make the blocks go together faster.
  7. Kyle's Christmas quilt.- Top complete. Backing fabric delivered. Quilting plan decided.
  8. Swoon quilt- One block complete!!! Love it! Will make 1 block per month.
  9. Because I obviously need more projects, I found this A Case for Smiles and have to get involved. It will be a great way to use up some novelty prints lurking in my stash. Haven't made one yet but I did pull some fabrics. Will make 1 case per month
  10. Secret project 1- I've changed my mind about what I want to do. More soon.
  11. Secret project 2- Pattern picked. All fabrics for the top purchased. Needs to be finished by August.
  12. Baby quilt- Needs to be finished by November
  13. Arbor Lane BOM quilt. I started this one on our honeymoon last year (roadtrip). I am handpiecing it. No roadtrips, no work on this one.
  14. More baby quilts- To be finished by December.
  15. Socks. This is actually going well just slow. I work on it while watching television with the guys. 
Good sewing, good quilting, or whatever makes you happy. 

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