May 19, 2012

I love Space.

I always wanted to be an astronaut. So, I'm drawn to space themed fabrics. I bought this cute bundle at a quilt show a few years ago. I knew it would make a cute quilt for a little boy and I had just the right one in mind. He's my little boyfriend, Michael. I've been in love with this kid since before he was born. I would have stolen him from the hospital if it wasn't for the "Baby Lojack" sensor.
Seriously, how can you not love that adorable munchkin? So, he decided, without my permission, that he is turning 5. This simply cannot be possible! I made him a simple little blanket when he was born so I decided that he should get a quilt for turning 5. I wanted something different and interesting. I pulled out the space fabric and started sketching. (I have an odd obsession with map pencils and graph paper.) I developed the basic idea and got to cutting and piecing. Once I had some strips ready, I laid it out on the design wall.

So far, so good. Looks pretty much like I planned it.
I had planned to add borders but once it was together, I didn't feel like it needed it. Now I had another cute fabric I needed to incorporate. So......PIECED BACK!!!

Are those not the cutest little aliens? They just make me smile.

I quilted it with some "organic" lines (read that as I was having trouble sewing a straight line).

Binding is a solid black. I promise it is more square than my pitiful photography looks. It's washed and ready to go to my sweet boy.

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