May 27, 2012

Changin up the list a little

So, I think I need a bit more structure in my list just to keep me from adding random things and having to RUSH to finish gifts and such on time. In order to accomplish this, I am going to have an overall list and a monthly list. Hopefully, this will keep my wandering mind on task!

To be finished in June:
  • Wildflower quilt
  • 1 Swoon block
  • Apron for me
  • 1 apron for someone else
  • sewing machine cover
  • ironing board cover
  • 1 pillowcase
 Master List (in order by priority)

  1. Wildflowers quilt- Needs to be quilted, bound, and mailed by mid June
  2. Sewing machine cover- Will be finished this month
  3. Ironing board cover- Will also be finished this month
  4. Apron for me - Fabric cut. I just need to sew it up.
  5. Aprons- I've gotten a few requests. I have the fabric just need to make them. Will finish one this month
  6. Bailey's Christmas quilt-2 blocks made! Lots of prep done to make the blocks go together faster.
  7. Kyle's Christmas quilt.- Top complete. Backing fabric delivered. Quilting plan decided.
  8. Swoon quilt- One block complete!!! Love it! Will make 1 block per month.
  9. Because I obviously need more projects, I found this A Case for Smiles and have to get involved. It will be a great way to use up some novelty prints lurking in my stash. Haven't made one yet but I did pull some fabrics. Will make 1 case per month
  10. Secret project 1- I've changed my mind about what I want to do. More soon.
  11. Secret project 2- Pattern picked. All fabrics for the top purchased. Needs to be finished by August.
  12. Baby quilt- Needs to be finished by November
  13. Arbor Lane BOM quilt. I started this one on our honeymoon last year (roadtrip). I am handpiecing it. No roadtrips, no work on this one.
  14. More baby quilts- To be finished by December.
 I do have a few other projects I want to work on but I am going to force myself to finish some of these before I add them to the list.

Good quilting, good sewing, or whatever makes you happy!

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