April 9, 2012

It's Monday

And last week was awful. I worked way more than I wanted to and sewed a lot less. I did get the pieced back to my Cape Ann charity quilt finished. I managed to get off ON TIME today, so I quilted and bound it. It's in the washer. I'll take it outside for pictures tomorrow.

I guess I'll update my list since I did manage to get something done.

  1. Bailey's Christmas quilt-Did nothing on this. Long way from choosing backing and binding. Needs to the finished by December.
  2. Kyle's Christmas quilt.- Also nothing. Needs to be finished by December.
  3. Swoon quilt- this one's for me. Patterned fabrics cut, need to cut background from Kona White. No clue on backing and binding yet.
  4. Space aliens quilt- for a special little boy. Fabrics and pattern chosen. Need to cut and start. Needs to be finished by May. Haven't touched this one.
  5.  Wedding gift- not a quilt, fabric and pattern are sitting here staring at me. Need to get started. Needs to be finished by May. Ditto.
  6. Wildflowers quilt- Definitely a pieced back, deciding on fabrics.
  7. Cape Ann -COMPLETE!!!!
  8. Arbor Lane BOM quilt. I started this one on our honeymoon last year (roadtrip). I am handpiecing it. I will take it on our Georgia trip this month and any other roadtrips we make. It'll get done when it's done. I worked on cross stitch instead of this on the road.
  9. Sewing machine cover. Fabrics picked. Hopefully getting to this soon. not a thing
  10. Ironing board cover. Mine's old and ugly. All fabrics purchased. Maybe this weekend.
  11.  Secret project 1- I know exactly what I want to do. I'm having trouble finding appropriate fabrics.
  12. Secret project 2- Pattern picked. Fabrics purchased. I need one more for the background and I can get started.
Hopefully this week is much better than last and I can spend more quality time with my sewing machine. Have a great week.

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