March 25, 2012

Sunday list

I actually got a good bit done this week despite a super busy week at work.
  1. Bailey's Christmas quilt- Background fabric has arrived. Hoping to start next month. Long way from choosing backing and binding. Needs to the finished by December.
  2. Kyle's Christmas quilt.- All fabrics have arrived. Needs to be finished by December.
  3. Swoon quilt- this one's for me. Patterned fabrics cut, need to cut background from Kona White. No clue on backing and binding yet.
  4. Space aliens quilt- for a special little boy. Fabrics and pattern chosen. Need to cut and start. Needs to be finished by May. Haven't touched this one.
  5.  Wedding gift- not a quilt, fabric and pattern are sitting here staring at me. Need to get started. Needs to be finished by May. Ditto.
  6.  Finish projects for quilt/stitchery show. Quilt is good to go. Needlepoint needs to be finished and framed. Cross-stitch projects need to be finished. All stitching is done (and has been for years) but one needs to be turned into a pillow and the other framed. Must be finished before March 23rd.  DONE!
  7. Baby girl quilt-Need to decide on border, backing, and binding. Needs to be finished by June.
  8. Wildflowers quilt- Top complete!!! Need to go shopping for backing fabrics. I'm thinking a pieced back. Needs to be finished this year.
  9. Cape Ann - Piecing begun. No clue who I'm giving it to. Needs to be finished this year. Again, didn't touch.
  10. Arbor Lane BOM quilt. I started this one on our honeymoon last year (roadtrip). I am handpiecing it. I will take it on our Georgia trip this month and any other roadtrips we make. It'll get done when it's done. No road trips, no work on this one.
  11. Sewing machine cover. Fabrics picked. Hopefully getting to this soon. not a thing
  12. Ironing board cover. Mine's old and ugly. Need to chose fabrics and get started. One fabric chosen. Need to re-read tutorial and chose coordinating fabrics.
  13.  Secret project 1- I know exactly what I want to do. I'm having trouble finding appropriate fabrics.
  14. Secret project 2- Pattern picked. 
All in all, a good week. I had a wonderful time at the quilt show with my MIL. I did a little shopping, not nearly as many vendors this year. That was probably good for my pocketbook. My creative energy has turned the sewing room into a bit of a mess. I am going to spend some time cleaning in there just as soon as the Lady Ags BTHOmaryland.

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