February 27, 2012

so much to do...

and to be honest, plenty of time to do it.

This is a sneak peek of the quilt that's in the dryer. It started life as a roll of strips from JoAnn. I'm not really sure why I bought it. I'm not really a bird or birdhouse kinda girl. I did like the tans and blues. Anyway, I sat down with this roll and a book. See the book? I liked the tessalating crosses. 

 Sewing, pressing, cutting, sewing, pressing, etc...we have squares! I like 'em.
We have more parts of squares...then, as usual, I forgot to keep taking pictures. I promise a finished pic tomorrow. I might even take it outside for some great light.

 I finished cutting all the prints for my Swoon quilt. It is going in our guest bedroom which is a lovely shade of yellow with a simple but pretty white bed. I chose a variety of florals. We'll see how I like it once I get started. All of the prints came from my stash. I have to wait until at least Thursday to order the white solid.
 The light in my sewing room is just not good for pics. These fabrics are much brighter.
 BTW, I need a cutting table and a bigger mat. I cut all the Swoon pieces on this little mat with my little rotary cutter.
I also need a triangle for 2 of the jelly roll quilts I have planned. Lucky for me, JoAnn has quilting tools on sale this week. Guess where I'm spending lunch tomorrow?

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