February 8, 2012

Owl Baby

  So, this baby quilt has been received, now I can SHARE!

Okay, ya know when you get married, you tend to inherit some friends. Some are okay. Some you click with the first time you meet. Yeah, the first time we spent time with Will and Jeanette, I knew she and I would be great friends. She's funny, witty, loves movies, and she's a crafty chick, like me. I was wasting time at JoAnn one day (what? how do you spend your lunch hour?) and saw this adorable owl fabric. I knew I had to get it to make something for Jeanette. I just didn't know what.

Fast forward a few months and ANNOUNCEMENT: BABY GIRL IS ON THE WAY!!
First, I LOVE babies. Second, I love making things for babies. Third, OMG I can use my owl fabric.

So, I dug through my stash and found some really bright fat quarters I bought several years ago (we'll talk about my fabric problem later). Then, I sat down with the graph paper and colored pencils. Yes, Tonia, it was mostly just an excuse to color on graph paper ;)

I decided to fussy cut the owls and randomly select the squares for the 4 patch squares.

 Tell me that isn't cute. Go ahead. Try.
However, it made a smaller quilt than I wanted. I grabbed some "woodgrain" fabric that came in a bargain bundle. I knew I'd eventually use it. Then, I added a pieced border because I cut a few too many small squares. I love my Accuquilt Go!

I should mention at this point that I really need a design wall. This is the space below my upper cabinets. I had to move the ironing board to pin this up. I moved things around until I was happy.

Center section complete.

Border number one.
 And border number two. Woohoo! Complete. Yes, it is tacked to my cabinets. The cute little fairies are Amy Brown. They make me smile.

I've been looking at lots of different backing and decided to try my hand at something a little different. I was really pleased at how it turned out.

A little decorative stitch on the denim binding and DONE!!!

Now to wait for baby Faylinn to make her entrance!

I have to mess with the settings on my camera and the lighting. This quilt is way brighter than these look.

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