February 12, 2012

Not your usual baby quilts.

 When my friend Barbara told me she was pregnant with twins, I knew these baby quilts would be fun. You see, she collects snowmen and her sweet husband collects penguins. I love both. At first, I considered making matching quilts and backing them with snowman and penguin fabrics. After we found at that they were a boy and girl, I couldn't find a pattern\fabrics that I like for both. I decided to just grab some fabrics from my stash and go for it.

These certainly aren't traditional baby quilts but I like the way they turned out.

This penguin top is flannel and denim. I really have to work on my lighting. These colors are kinda off esp in the next pic. I backed them both with denim because I really really like the way it looks and feels.

I decided to try my hand at a different design for the snowmen quilt. 

I wanted them both to be gender neutral so Mommy and Daddy could decide who gets which one.

I'm sure some of you noticed the books holding the quilts on the mantle. I've read the Farmer's Wife and will be starting on some squares soon. I've flipped through the Civil War book but haven't read it. I'll get to it...eventually.