January 31, 2012

Challenge Block...DONE!

Here is what I have to work with....
And not a lot of rules. Must be 12 1/2" square. Only use the fabrics in the kit. Must have a white background.
So, I sat down the other night with my laptop and almost every quilting book and magazine I own. I went through ALL of them before I settled on a creole puzzle block. I was sorta nervous about it but felt better after sketching it out on graph paper.
I decided I better start or I wasn't going to do it.

ACK!!!! It's all pieces! What if they don't fit?

Hey, whaddaya know? They sorta fit together.

All the 4 inch blocks done...time to join.



  1. Admit it. You just wanted to color on graph paper.

  2. I totally wanted to color on graph paper.