May 9, 2010

Getting Started...

Why did I name my blog "I get paid to play with needles"? Well, I do...sorta. I used to play with them more but I recently changed jobs and I don't get to as much. So, what did I do and what do I do now? I was a critical care/trauma nurse. I am now a hospice nurse.

I would like to get paid to play with the kind of needles that I use in my spare time. Those would be the kind that pull thread. I have been interested in all kinds of needlecraft from a young age. I started sewing and stitching in elementary school. I love to sew but found that I bought fabric and never actually sewed anything I planned to. I have TONS of patterns lying about that will probably never get used.

For years, I said I wanted to learn to quilt. Almost 2 years ago, my life turned upside down (we'll get to that later) and I decided it was time. I bought several books and read and read and read. I sorted fabric. Bought more fabric. Scoured the internet for patterns and tips. Finally, I sat down and made a small quilt for my niece. It turned out okay. I did some more research. Bought more fabric. Cleaned the sewing room. Bought more fabric. (notice a pattern?) Sorted all my fabric again and decided on some patterns....

So, this weekend, I sat down at the machine, threaded it, took a deep breath, and jumped in with both feet and finished TWO quilt, here we go.