April 6, 2014

Lazy Sunday afternoon

It's been a good week. I even got a few things finished (and a few more started).

This sweet quilt was sold in the shop this week. Custom versions are available as well as other Aggie baby quilts.

I started 2 new baby blankets. I can't help it. I need more projects, obviously. Both will be available on Etsy soon.

I also spent some time playing in Google Drive to create some pricing spreadsheets. I need to work on inventory sheets next.

Hope y'all had a fantastic week. Back to my lazy Sunday of crochet.
The List
  1. Aggie Love - needs binding  finished, sold, and delivered
  2. Slice of Sunshine - needs binding
  3. Noteworthy - needs binding
  4. Chevron afghan - a little more than half done
  5. Maroon knit blanket - started
  6. Jewel tone scarf - halfway
  7. Aggie stripes scarf - halfway
  8. Green stripes - needs binding
  9. Coming Home - piecing
  10. "Vinny's" quilt -pattern selected
  11. Baby quilt for Fish Fry -  pattern and fabrics selected
  12. T-shirt quilt for Fish Fry - awaiting donated t-shirts
  13. G's quilt- pattern selected, some fabrics selected
  14. Baily
  15. Kyle
  16. Heather
  17. Swoon
  18. Sprocket Pillows - 3 finished, 7 more in various states of assembly
  19. Aggie shell afghan - about half done
  20. Pink chevron afghan- started

March 30, 2014

Yikes, it's been a while!

My son starting college really disrupted life way more than I thought it would. I'm somewhat settled and back into a routine.

I've been sewing and quilting the whole time. I even taught myself how to crochet!
I'm attempting to focus more on my Etsy shop

So back on track with the Sunday list then a bunch of pictures.

The List
  1. Aggie Love - needs binding
  2. Slice of Sunshine - needs binding
  3. Noteworthy - needs binding
  4. Chevron afghan - a little more than half done
  5. Maroon knit blanket - started
  6. Jewel tone scarf - halfway
  7. Aggie stripes scarf - halfway
  8. Green stripes - needs binding
  9. Coming Home - piecing
  10. "Vinny's" quilt
  11. Baby quilt for Fish Fry -  pattern selected
  12. T-shirt quilt for Fish Fry - awaiting donated t-shirts
  13. G's quilt- pattern selected, some fabrics selected
  14. Baily
  15. Kyle
  16. Heather
  17. Swoon
  18. Sprocket Pillows - 3 finished, 7 more in various states of assembly

October 28, 2013

"Simply Positive"

It feels like it's been FOREVER since I finished something! I did finish another quilt earlier this month but it just didn't have the same satisfying feel.

This sweet little quilt is for the baby girl of some friends of mine.

The fabric is from a fat quarter bundle that I fell in love with at JoAnn. The original pattern had several borders and such. I thought it was too busy.

The backing is a single piece of the floral print from the front. I quilted it with a simple grid in turquoise.

Binding is scrappy from what was left of the fat quarters.

I even remembered to label it. GO ME! Now to package and send off to it's new home.

July 14, 2013

3rd quarter FAL

Ack! I'm gonna do it. I'm gonna link up to the Finish-A-Long! Maybe this will motivate me to get some stuff done!

 1. Josey's quilt

2. "Coming Home"

3. Strippy quilt

4. Baby boy quilt

5. Baby girl quilt

6. Heather's quilt

I think that'll do!

July 7, 2013

Um, yeah, I'm still here....

It's been busy. Kiddo graduated high school. I'm changing jobs. Life is just kinda messy and full right now. I have managed to sew a good bit. I even took pictures. I just haven't blogged.

So, how about a picture heavy post then my pathetic not touched much list?

First up, Aggie baby. I love the way this one turned out.

Baby Q's quilt. Another one I love. The sweet girl this quilt belongs to was born just 2 days ago. Squeeee!

Also finished is a chemo quilt for a friend of a friend.

 And a few baby boy quilts that are available in my Etsy store.

Now to the list...

  1. CLEAN THE SEWING ROOM! It's become a catch-all for all kinds of stuff lately. Non-sewing crap needs to be taken out and everything thing else sorted.
  2. Swoon I really need to work on one of these because this quilt is for me!
  3. Pillowcases I'm a total slacker. :(
  4. Aprons It's a little hard to sell these if you don't make any...
  5. Secret #1 I have the fabrics but keep changing my mind on pattern. I think I have a new winner.
  6. Secret #2 No clue. I change my mind daily on what I want to do with this one.
  7. Josey's quilt I need to add a border and finish the backing so I can take it to my friend, Jessica Darling for quilting.
  8. Pouches I have some new patterns I want to try!
  9. Scrapboxes As soon as I get stuff cleaned/organized, I will start one of these.
  10. Baby boy quilt Top pieced, needs one more border. Backing selected. Want to get it done this month.
  11. Baby girl quilt- Needs to be done this week.
  12. Bailey Fabric selected, pattern selected, need to make a plan and get started.
  13. Kyle I recently (like this week) changed my mind on fabrics, found a wonderful pattern. 
  14. Heather Need to make a plan for this. I have it all cut and sorted, it needs to be worked on!

WHEW!!! Hoping to be very busy in the sewing room very soon.

Until next time, good quilting, good sewing, or whatever makes you happy!